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Clutter Busters:
Closets and garages can quickly get out of hand.  We will shape up your room and do so in a confidential manner.  Your clutter level is safe with us and we will do the legwork so your home will become organized...one room at a time!

Here to help Birmingham Families with party planning, packing/unpacking/ organizing your spaces, office work, Senior Transitions and Girl Friday.  Possibilities are endless.      "It is wonderful to have a clone!  It may be helping me to put up holiday decorations, organizing my closets, paying my monthly bills or whatever is going on at the time.  The possibilities are truly endless.  I appreciate the relationship and the assistance.  Thanks!" .....B in Greystone

Home Office Management:
Whether it is your office for your home or your home-based business, we know precisely how an unorganized area inhibits productivity.  A sensible filing system,improved processes or a spruced-up desk top may be just the ticket to jump start your productivity.
Let us do the Legwork will organize your home and pack/unpack for your move
Move Managers:
Ready to call a new front door HOME ?  Such an exciting activity but so overwhelming to think about all of the related chores:  cable, gas, newspaper, etc. Then there is the drudgery of packing and oh the boxes and the time it takes for the movers to MOVE and then the UNPACKING!  We can manage those tasks and get you nestled into your new nest soon. With " Let us do the Legwork" you can have reliable help, careful oversight and a more positive experience. We love being part of the family for a few days during the transition.
Memorabilia/Photo/Recipe Organization:
Legwork can organize your memorabilia and homeWe all know these things multiply in the drawers when we aren't looking.  Why not have these treasures categorized and organized so you know it is secured and ready to be grabbed and enjoyed at any time?
Legwork can Organize your next event   "I really wanted my garage to be orderly and I just couldn't seem to get the vision.  But thank goodness I had "people" who could whip my space into shape ! And to be so pleasant and supportive in the process. I'm crazy about my perfectly placed bench which I use for quick and easy shoe switching! THANK YOU !" ...Darlene from Greystone 

Room Re-Do:
Can't wait to have that new kitchen, but  "oh-my" at everything that has to be prepped.  We will empty out those cabinets and restore order once the "re-do" is complete.
Elder care Transitions & Research:
Managing the affairs and the ups and downs, twists and turns of the health of an elderly family member is one of the most stressful things you will ever do.  How can we make it easier for you?  You may need in-depth research into the many facilities and services available in the area.  Our experience may also be useful in transitioning your Senior from home to a facility.  It is critical to make the best use of the space and organize the needed possessions.  You can dedicate your available time to provide love and support while we do the necessary legwork for the transition.  

Let us do the Legwork can transition your loved one to Senior Retirement Living"You can trust that they will do exactly what you need for your loved one.  It was a very hard time and not only was she helpful with the mounds of paperwork, but the assistance in performing a pro/con analysis of two different facilities for my mother was the clarity I needed to feel good about this tough decision."   Cindy, Vestavia Hills
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